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IPL before diode laser hair reduction!
11 Jun 2021

The results of the diode laser hair reduction treatments after the IPL hair reduction treatments


Introduction: Lasers and IPL action are similarly based on the selective photo thermolysis principle, where the melanin acts as chromatophore. There are, however, fundamental differences in the way they are built and in the light they emit.

The goal of this paper is to compare the results of epilation treatments by a laser and by an IPL and to rate the effectiveness of a diode laser epilation following a non-coherent light therapy.

Methods: 45 healthy females, 21–23 years old, skin type II–III took part in the study.805 nm diode laser and the IPL device with a wavelength of 640–1200 nm, was used. The informed consent for participation and treatment was obtained during a consultation. The participants were randomly divided into three groups of 15: I – one IPL treatment was followed by three diode laser treatments, II – two IPL treatments followed by three diode laser treatments, III- three IPL treatments followed by three diode laser treatments.

Results: A percentage average of hair loss among patients treated with a diode laser as a control group is higher which indicates the laser’s higher effectiveness.

Conclusion: The IPL has been shown to negatively impact the effectiveness of a diode laser. This is linked with the way non-coherent light weakens and thins the hair that impedes the absorption of laser light by the melanin and adversely affects the treatment results.

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