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Laser hair removal

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7 Sep 2021

Laser hair removal

Exactly, hair reduction, not hair removal treatments with the use of lasers or IPL should be referred to as ‘epilation treatments’ and not ‘depilation treatments’.

The most commonly used lasers for epilation are the so-called diode lasers.

The first laser used was the ruby ​​laser.

The alexandrite laser is still a used epilation laser, it is a good choice for phototypes I-III. In the case of darker phototypes, it is easy to burn the skin.

The neodymium-jag laser is used in people with darker phototypes.

IPLs that are NOT LASERS are often used.

All e devices use red or IR light (infra red – near infrared), which task is to destroy melanin in the bulb and bulge of the hair.

The light energy is converted into heat – ideally 65-75 C, which then damages the papilla and the hair’s stem cells.

The selection of the appropriate device for the skin and type of hair, the qualifications of the practitioners performing the treatments as well as compliance with safety rules allow for great treatment results.

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