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• Level 3 Beauty and /or Anatomy and Physiology level 3
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Section 1Introduction
Section 2Relevant legislation, standards, and guidelines
Lecture 2HEE Report
Lecture 3Knowledge and qualifications
Lecture 4International, European Standards and relevant Acts UK
Lecture 5Why Core of Knowledge is mandatory?
Section Quiz
Section 3LPA and LPS
Lecture 6Laser Protection Adviser, Laser Protection Supervisor
Section Quiz
Section 4Lasers & Light Sources
Lecture 7Timeline
Lecture 8What is a laser?
Lecture 9What is light?
Lecture 10Electromagnetic Spectrum
Lecture 11What is colour?
Lecture 12Maxwell's Rainbow
Lecture 13Wavelenght
Lecture 14Is laser dangerous?
Section Quiz
Section 5Hazards
Lecture 15Classification of lasers
Lecture 16AEL & MPE
Lecture 17Ocular hazard
Lecture 18PPE
Lecture 19Tissue hazards
Lecture 20Non-beam hazards
Lecture 21Laser controlled area
Section Quiz
Section 6Light versus laser
Lecture 22Colours of light
Lecture 23Filters
Lecture 24Pulse Shape
Lecture 25Pulse delivery
Lecture 26Laser
Lecture 27Basic Laser Physics
Lecture 28Basic laser schematic
Lecture 29Laser classification
Section Quiz
Section 7Light and tissue interaction
Section 8Important parameters
Lecture 31Target chromophores
Lecture 32Pulse duration
Lecture 33Spot size
Lecture 34Power density
Lecture 35Cooling
Lecture 36Type of application
Lecture 37Types of lasers
Section Quiz
Section 9Basic theory of the treatments
Lecture 38Skin
Lecture 39Fitzpatrick skin types
Lecture 40Lancer Ethnicity Scale (LES)
Lecture 41Target chromophores
Section Quiz
Section 10Guidelines
Lecture 42Inside Laser Controlled Area
Lecture 43Consultation
Lecture 44Patch test
Lecture 45Contradictions
Lecture 46Clinical endpoints
Lecture 47Adverse side effects
Lecture 48Aftercare advice
Section 11References
Final Quiz