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16 May 2022

The use of lasers in the treatment of scars

Scar treatments described in the literature include chemical, physical and surgical methods. The treatment is primarily focused on prevention from the abnormal healing process of the skin, so and combination therapies are often used for this purpose. The aim of the article was to present the classification of scars and the concept of laser treatment,...
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13 May 2022

Assignment for level 6 course- laser scar reduction by our student kasia M. Fernandez

Essey level 6 Scar reduction by means of fractional and non-ablative fractional ablation lasers by Kasia M Fernandez   We are so proud of our student- Kasia and her assignment! We would like to have so passionate students every time!   ” Scar reduction by means of fractional and non-ablative fractional ablation lasers by Kasia...
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7 Sep 2021

IPL Laser

It’s a bit perverse, but it’s one of the most frequently asked questions on Google. A laser is not an IPL and an IPL is not a laser. IPL is a device that uses intense flashes of light usually coming from a xenon lamp. This type of light is:   Polychromatic   Diffuse   Incoherent....
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7 Sep 2021

Laser hair removal

Exactly, hair reduction, not hair removal treatments with the use of lasers or IPL should be referred to as ‘epilation treatments’ and not ‘depilation treatments’. The most commonly used lasers for epilation are the so-called diode lasers. The first laser used was the ruby ​​laser. The alexandrite laser is still a used epilation laser, it...
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7 Sep 2021

Why laser doesn’t work?

There are few things that might happened. 1) The quality of the device might have an inpact whether the laser therapy will be effective. Similarly, ‘maintenance’ of equipment, inspections and its calibration. Sometimes the laser is not correctly selected for a given procedure or patient / client. Always inquire about the type of laser before...
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30 Mar 2021

R20M case study

This time our publication - case study report is visible to everyone, thanks to open access in the journal from the USA. Magdalena Atta-Motte shows here the results of the new method of laser removal of permanent makeup ''R20M'' , on the extremely difficult to remove - light gray lip liner. https://biomedres.us/pdfs/BJSTR.MS.ID.005504.pdf .
25 Mar 2021

Webinar on R20M method for Biotec Italia

Today Magdalena Atta-Motte had a pleasure to present her pilot study on new method of tattoo remvoval- R20M for Biotec Italia. With huge amount of participants and others who missed it we are happy to share it with you: This webinar was recorded and you can find it here:  
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