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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Standards
Lecture 3Light and Laser
Lecture 4Electromagentic spectrum
Lecture 5Wavelength
Section Quiz
Section 2Classification of aesthetic lasers and personal protective equipment
Lecture 6Basics
Section Quiz
Section 3Laser and light to treat vascular lesions
Lecture 7Introduction
Lecture 8IPL
Lecture 9Laser
Lecture 10Parameters
Lecture 11Theory of Selective Photo Thermolysis
Section Quiz
Section 4Important parameters
Lecture 12Wavelength and blood - chromophore
Section Quiz
Section 5Skin
Lecture 13Introduction
Lecture 14Skin types
Lecture 15Where are our targets?
Section Quiz
Section 6Consultation and treatment room requirements
Lecture 16Room requirements
Lecture 17Consultation
Lecture 18Contraidications and precautions
Lecture 19Patch test
Section Quiz
Section 7Basic theory of the treatments
Lecture 20Introduction
Lecture 21Devices
Lecture 22How does it work?
Section Quiz
Section 8Case Studies
Section 9General considerations
Lecture 24General considerations
Section Quiz
Section 10References
Lecture 25Download & Final Quiz
Section Quiz
Section 11Practice
Final Quiz