TypeOnline CourseEnrollement requiretments
• Level 3 Beauty and /or Anatomy and Physiology level 3 • Core of knowledge ( less the 5 years old) • Level 4 in Lasers        
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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Standards
Lecture 2Light and lasers
Lecture 3Classification of lasers and PPE
Section Quiz
Section 2Light and tissue reactions
Lecture 4Introduction
Lecture 5Basic concept of laser
Lecture 6 Q-Switch lasers effects on the tissue
Section Quiz
Section 3Basic theory of treatments
Lecture 7Skin
Lecture 8 Fitzpatrick Scale
Lecture 9Types of tattoos
Lecture 10Alternative treatments
Lecture 11Types of Tattoos
Lecture 12Principle of operation:
Lecture 13Black and Blue Tattoos
Lecture 14Red Tattoos
Lecture 15Green tattoos
Lecture 16Light coloured tattoos and semi permanent makeup
Lecture 17
Lecture 18Immediate clinical endpoint for Q switched lasers
Lecture 19The importance of beam profile
Lecture 20Consultation
Lecture 21Patch test
Lecture 22Kirby Desai Scale
Lecture 23Contraindications
Lecture 24What do you need to prepare?
Lecture 25PATCH TEST procedure
Lecture 26Immediately expected skin response.
Section Quiz
Section 4Treatments procedure
Lecture 27Basic treatment procedure
Lecture 28R20 Method
Lecture 29 Semi permanent makeup removal
Lecture 30ALL TATTOOS General rules
Section Quiz
Section 5Carbon Peel
Section Quiz
Section 6References
Section 7Case Studies
Final Quiz