TypeOnline CourseEnrollement requiretments
• Level 3 Beauty and /or Anatomy and Physiology level 3 • Core of knowledge ( less the 5 years old)  
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Learning outcomes

After this course you will:

  • Understand of the legislation and compliance for laser and light treatments.
  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the skin.
  • Understand the cycle of hair growth and the factors that affect it.
  • Understand the key principles of laser and light based treatment for hair reduction.
  • Identify the range of key technologies used for laser and light treatment for hair reduction.
  • Understand the importance of tissue cooling techniques and the different methods that may be available or provided with a laser or light device.
  • Understand the standard contra-indications for laser and light based hair reduction.
  • Understand the environment requirements to undertake treatment.
  • Understand the requirements for a robust client consultation.
  • Understand the course of treatment requirements for a client.
  • Understand the methods of practical treatment delivery.
  • Understand the use of specific removal of hair growth technologies.


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Download workbook
Lecture 2The HEE Report
Lecture 3Standards
Lecture 4Relevant Acts in UK
Lecture 5Laser vs. IPL
Lecture 6Theory of Selective Photo Thermolysis
Lecture 7Hair Reduction
Section Quiz
Section 2Physiology of hair growth
Lecture 8HAIR
Lecture 9Hair Follicles
Section Quiz
Section 3Hair Growth Cycle
Lecture 10Anagen
Lecture 11Catagen
Lecture 12Telogen
Lecture 13Exogen
Lecture 14Follicle Growth Cycle
Lecture 15Richards-Merharg Chart
Lecture 16Hair changes due to hormones and season
Section 4The endocrine system
Lecture 17Principle Endocrine Glands
Lecture 18Endocrine Glands
Lecture 19Hair Types
Lecture 20Hair colour
Lecture 21Fitzpatrick Skin Types
Section Quiz
Section 5How does laser & light work?
Lecture 22Permanent hair removal vs Permanent hair reduction
Lecture 23Different Technologies
Lecture 24Different Technologies – Skin Types
Section Quiz
Section 6Treatment procedures
Lecture 25Inside laser controlled area
Lecture 26Consultation
Lecture 27Patch Test
Lecture 28The importance of cooling
Lecture 29References
Section Quiz
Section 7Practical assessment