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16 Sep 2020

An expert opinion matters

We are delighted to receive this testimonial from an expert- educator in her field of adult education.

Magdalena Atta Motte is an undisputed expert in the field of lasers and laser therapy. Expert knowledge is transmitted in an extremely consistent and transparent manner, even for a person who is just learning the secrets of laser therapy.
I look at pieces of training from the point of view of an adult education expert. I am a trainer with 20 years of experience in teaching adult professional skills. It is noteworthy that both the entire course and its individual parts are in line with the principles and specificity of adult learning. The strength of this educational concept is an extremely coherent evaluation system, which allows you to monitor learning progress in a natural way, but also provides a guide for working on subsequent elements. Thanks to this, participants, at each stage of the course, have clear information about their knowledge, competences, and tips on what and how should be improved in treatment rooms in direct work with the patient.
All these elements translate into very high training efficiency. The course can be safely included in the category of model proposals combining expert vision with a professional approach to the specificity of adult learning.
Magdalena ATTA MOTTE also impressed me with her commitment to charity. She supports the activities of the EDU Africa organization that I run, which helps children in Benin and Togo, West Africa. Magdalena was our guest in Benin and got to know the local conditions and the real needs of children personally. This allows her to heartily encourage other people to support EDU Africa’s activities. I am very grateful to Magda for that.

Barbara Kwiatek EDU Afryka Founder

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