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15 Sep 2020

Laser Qualifications outlined

There are many types of qualifications offered by UK accreditation bodies in the UK education sector.
There are over 200 such accreditation bodies in the Register of Regulated Qualifications. Some specialize in certain subjects. Others specialize in types of qualifications such as level A levels, GCSE examinations, and professional competences or knowledge-based qualifications.
Qualifications vary in size and type, can be academic, professional or skill, and are grouped according to different levels of difficulty. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, qualifications are divided into tertiary education qualifications, which are included in the Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ) and are awarded by bodies authorized to award degrees, and the regulated qualifications, which are found in Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and are accredited by Ofqual in England, the Curriculum, Examination and Assessment Council in Northern Ireland and Qualifications Wales in Wales.
Health Education England (HEE) is mandated and empowered to develop education and training standards for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Specific to the standards according to HEE, these qualifications do not have to be obtained at the university, but rather by an accredited training provider, our accreditation is the most restrictive form of accreditation – granted, among others, by the CPD Accreditation Group. Each course and accompanying training materials have been verified by appointed independent experts in Great Britain.
The qualifications we obtain are higher education qualifications and they correspond.
Level 4- Higher Education
Level 5- Higher Education
Level 6- Bachelor’s degree- Diploma
Qualifications are also in the size of learning points, using the UK system of 1 education point = 10 nominal hours of work or study (determined by the RQF’s Total Qualification Time). 1 CPD point corresponds to one learning hour, so 10 CPD corresponds to one learning point.
In the RQF, the terms “Award”, “Certificate” and “Diploma” are used to distinguish qualifications with 1-12, 13-36 and 37+ education points, respectively. It is assumed that the academic year is 120 credits and the entire calendar year is 180 credits, so a Bachelor’s degree with Honors is usually 360 credits (divided equally into levels 4-6).
Therefore, following the educational path according to our educational program – level 4-6, after reaching 370 CPD, a Diploma at level 6 will be issued.

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